About Us

An Outstanding Experience

For over 40 years, TWG Consulting has helped businesses, government agencies, medical facilities, and educational institutions solve the complex challenges associated administration, labor relations, and funding. TWGC has served to negotiate thousands of contracts, administer comprehensive medical practice operations nationally, and assist in the funding of new enterprise and global expansion efforts on behalf of our clients. This experience breeds expertise. Our specialized teams are here to help simplify your next steps


Specialized Teams – Combined Strength – Great Opportunity

Labor Relations Representation

Since 1976 we have provided expert, comprehensive representation to public and private sector employers. Let us help you navigate the process, keep professional relationships in tact, and save your organization costs in the process.

Medical Practice Management

TWGC Medical Management division specializes in offering full practice management services for independent physicians who prefer to focus on medicine without the hassle of daily business operations.


Whether your company requires short-term investment, or long-term partnership, TWGC Ventures’ provide expert advice and required funding wheels in order to help achieve your vision.