Venture Investments

Investing in the Future. Investing in You.

TWGC Venture Group was created to back the most ambitious and dedicated entrepreneurs to help their dreams progress from an idea to a fully funded, implemented, and profitable enterprise. The entrepreneurs we team up with were born to build their businesses — it is their life’s mission. We work side by side with these visionaries to help them achieve their dreams and are proud to be a part of, and help fund, the process.

New ventures are carefully screened, but once approved you can be promised the full attention of our partnership, which includes decades of our investing partners’ successful business experience and expertise.

We believe that passionate entrepreneurs can come from anywhere. We’ve supported independent medical practices in the US and Canada; luxury, adventure and concierge travel services on four continents; and consumer/enterprise technology entrepreneurs in six countries, and helped them as they grow into new regions. You can email your prospectus to; reviews are completed monthly, funding meetings are scheduled quarterly

TWG Venture Investments

Vision Realization

Start-up Funding

When it is time for first round funding for your enterprise, submit your prospectus for TWGC review. Once approved we partner with you to ensure successful, profitable implementation of your vision.

Partner Investments

We partner with existing companies to help expand operations and launch new product/service divisions. Successful Partner applicants benefit from our executive team management and multiple round investments to ensure long-term success.

International Expansion

When it is time to expand into multi-national operations, TWGC’s subsidiary offices can assist with funding, cultural navigation, and onsite contacts in Europe, Russia, and South America.